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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

Introduction: “ISLAMIC-SOURCES” is a comprehensive website that collects, organizes and presents the Islamic sources received by the Messengers of Islam as well as by the religious leaders, researchers, intellectuals, and scholars of Islamic Thought. An international team of graduates of the religious affairs carries out the planning and management of the website; they gathered their efforts to create this website in more than 30 languages (the speakers of these languages are more than 5 billion people) with following features: The integrated and new approach toward topics of the sources which is so far unique on the web; the comprehensiveness in collecting, organizing and presenting the stuff considered as source; easily accessible content; and many things more are the salient features of the website that attract the audience. Objectives: To create a comprehensive website of Islamic sources with an emphasis on unity and proximity among Islamic sects To provide content in all major languages Easy access for researchers in Islamic studies and other audience Through sharing and availability of original and first-hand Islamic sources •    To Introduce the pure Islam •    To answer the incurred ambiguities •    To expose the enemies of Islam Content Features Review and analysis the content before uploading to website to ensure the unity and respect for privacy of Islamic sects; Ability to receive all the website content such as books, articles and magazines, completely free with no restrictions; Categorizing all website content in 8 main categories with more than 80 topics based on original Islamic classification; Advanced search features in various factors such as the Subject, Author, Editor, Translator, and so on; Programming using the latest techniques in order to facilitate the use of website content and audience satisfaction Updated content