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Abd Allah Ibn Saba Myth Exploded

Abd Allah Ibn Saba Myth Exploded

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1519288050, 9781519288059

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Abd Allah Ibn Saba Myth Exploded

This text carefully examines and refutes the claims of Ahlul Sunnah about Abd Allah Ibn Saba. It is almost impossible to find any single Salafi writer or speaker on Shi’ism who will not mention one ‘Abd Allah b. Saba as the founder of the Shi’i madhhab. This Ibn Saba is their bogeyman, through which they seek to scare away the truth-seekers from objectively researching the origins of Shi’ism. Expectedly, Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah has played this same card in his infamous Minhaj al-Sunnah. He is never left behind in such matters! This book therefore is a reply to Ibn Taymiyyah first and foremost, and then to his ilk.